Discover the Complete Trinity Pro Workflow in 20 Minutes

Understand the end-to-end Trinity Pro workflow in our live webinar.

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What this webinar is about:

Discover the end-to-end workflow of the Trinity Pro – our future-proof, reliable and easy to use mapping solution. Combined with our proprietary mission control software, QBase 3D, our ecosystem provides the operator with peace of mind thanks to the new autopilot with the latest safety features available.

In this webinar, Daniel Murphy, Customer Success Manager at Quantum Systems, will walk you through the entire Trinity Pro workflow, from flight planning to drone setup and flight operation, all the way to data post-processing.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

■ Creating a flight plan for your mapping mission from scratch with QBase 3D, our proprietary mission control software
■ A complete overview of flight operation including drone setup, pre-flight safety checks and safety features, as well as mid-flight controls
■ Step-by-step guide to data post-processing, recommended software and downloadable sample data
■ Find answers to your questions in a dedicated Q&A session

Meet The Speakers

Daniel Murphy

Customer Success Manager | Quantum Systems