Navigating the US Drone Regulations in 2024 and Trinity Pro Demo

Explore the future of drone technology and compliance in the US

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What this webinar is about:

Join us for a comprehensive live webinar exploring the ever-evolving realm of drone regulations in the US for 2024, accompanied by an exclusive demonstration of the Trinity Pro.

Our team will provide in-depth insights into pivotal topics shaping the drone industry.

Additionally, Dylan Gorman from Pilot Byte will be joining us. Dylan will share firsthand experiences and insights from his recent mapping mission with the Trinity Pro. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable perspectives from a seasoned professional in the field.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

■  Gain insights into US drone regulations in 2024
■  A detailed look at Remote ID and specific operations
■  Understand how to obtain waivers for  BVLOS, and OOP
■  Understand how Trinity Pro improves upon the success of the Trinity F90+ with improved resistance to environmental conditions for maximised uptime, and optimal flight performance even in the harshest conditions
■  Explore the largest range of "plug and play" sensors, including LiDAR and new ultra high-resolution cameras for a wide array of applications.
■  Get an overview of the target industries and key applications of Trinity Pro, including sample data from real-world applications
■  Find answers to your questions in a dedicated Q&A session

Meet The Speakers

Ayden Marullier

Regional Sales Manager NORAM | Quantum Systems

Nick Onelio

Regional Sales Manager NORAM | Quantum Systems

Jonas Kuka

Certification Manager | Quantum Systems

Dylan Gorman

Founder | Pilot Bytes