Introduction to Trinity Pro - the Next-Gen eVTOL Fixed-Wing Mapping Drone

Meet Trinity Pro and unlock the future of aerial data capture

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Meet Trinity Pro - the future-proof mapping drone designed to accelerate decision-making through aerial data with a high level of safety and ease of use. Designed with the needs of tomorrow's data consumers in mind, the Trinity Pro provides an expanded feature set, capturing and delivering more data in less time than ever before.

In this webinar, you will discover how Trinity Pro can elevate your capabilities, covering every aspect of your workflow, from flight planning to data post-processing, including a real-life customer use case.


Here’s what you’ll learn:

–  Understand how Trinity Pro combines the advantages of fixed-wing and multirotor UAVs for ease of use, maximized uptime, and optimal flight performance

– Explore the largest range of "plug and play" sensors, including drone-based LiDAR technology, for a wide array of applications

 –  Learn how Quantum System’s proprietary flight planning software ensures efficient field and desk operations

 –  Find out how Trinity Pro streamlines your workflow with intuitive mission planning, quick turnaround times, and safety features like auto safe return, making every flight a success

–  Get an overview of the target industries and key applications of Trinity Pro, including a real-life customer story

Meet The Speakers


Patrick Machowski

Regional Sales Manager EMEA | Quantum Systems


Ciprian Iorga

CEO & Founder | La Orizont & Skyline Drones