EU Drone Regulations 2024

Understand current and upcoming drone regulations in EU, UAV categories, how to deal with specific operations including a real-life example.

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What this webinar is about:

In this webinar, our regulation and certification team will provide detailed overview of the EU’s drone regulatory framework for 2024.

Providing a legal perspective on choosing the right UAV for your needs, we will give a basic overview on general EU requirements and take a closer look at the now mandatory EU Delegated Regulations 2019/945 and 2019/947.

You will gain insight in the EASA C-classes, Operator- and Remote ID, the differences between “open” and “specific” category flights and how to apply for specific operations with a Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA).


Here’s what you’ll learn:

    General EU product requirements

    How to choose the right UAV from a legal perspective with a detailed look at 2019/945 and 2019/947

    A detailed look at Remote ID and Operator ID

    Difference between manufacturer and operator obligations

    A comparison of different flight categories and operational limits

    How to do a specific operations risk assessment (SORA), including when and where you need to apply

   How and when to create a concept of operations (CONOPS)

    What will change with SORA 2.5

    Safety features, certifications and planned improvements for the Trinity Pro

    Find answers to your questions in a dedicated Q&A session

Meet The Speakers

Jonas Kuka

Certification Manager | Quantum Systems

Willi Messmer

UAV Regulation Expert | Quantum Systems